I'm Going On An Adventure!

June 19th, 2017

Following a series of footprints to a cellar door at the rear of the Faculty of Necromancy, the party found themselves in the University’s morgue. They searched the body storage lockers for Duban but couldn’t find him, and so decided to conduct a floor-by-floor search.

During their search, the party recognized the chief librarian Firihael and Bjorn decided to follow him in shrew form while Daavids decided to break into his office in the library. After finding a book on the power of lycanthrope blood on Firihael’s desk, Daavids was ejected and banned from the campus by the campus security robots for his breaking and entering.

Scurrying behind Firihael into a broom closet, Bjorn watched him put on a red robe and enter a secret side room where Duban was strapped to a bed. Firihael collected some more of Duban’s blood into a jar, and stored it in a sectioned box designed to carry dozens of jars filled with blood. As Firihael tried to leave, Granis and Omen confronted him, while Bjorn transformed into a bear in the broom closet. Firihael tried to escape but was knocked through a door into an ongoing class, but had just enough time to let off a fog spell that filled the whole room.

After stumbling around in the classroom and Bjorn almost crushing a terrified student, they managed to capture Firihael and make him talk about the cult’s activities in the city, as well as the location of their headquarters in the warehouse district. Just then the campus security robots reached them, and the party was forced to make their escape. Granis stumbled on the stairs and was knocked out while carrying Firihael over his shoulder leading to both of them being caught by campus security. Bjorn and Omen escaped with the case full of blood and rejoined Daavids at the campus gates.

Waking up in a simple room, a kindly old man looked down on Granis from the foot of his bed. Unsure what had happened, the man explained to Granis that he had rescued him from the University and that he was free to go. Stepping out of the room, Granis suddenly found himself in a forest a few miles outside of town, and made the journey back to the Prancing Mantis to rejoin the others, disturbed by his mysterious rescuer.


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